In Memory of FF Dana Hannon: FDNY: Died on 9/11/2001

In Memory of Firefighter Dallas Begg:

Osceola County Fire Department:

Died on 7/20/2002

In Memory of Lt. Bill Manning: Kissimmee Fire Department: Died on 5/16/2013

In Memory of DE Danny Falcone: Fort Lauderdale FD: Died on 3/10/2016

In Memory of Lt. John Mickel: Osceola County Fire Department: Died on 7/20/2002

In Memory of Lt. Richard Nappi:

FDNY: Died on 4/16/2012

In Memory of Lt. Kevin Johns: Fort Lauderdale Fire Department: Died on 9/30/2014

In Memory of Battalion Chief  Dave Dangerfield: Indian River County FD: Died on 10/15/16

In Memory of District Chief

Matt Negedly: Orlando Fire Department: Died on 11/29/2016

In Memory of Firefighter

EJ Mascaro: North Charleston FD:

Died on 1/19/2017

In Memory of Captain PJ Johnson: Kittery Point FD: 12/19/2017

In Memory of DE

Michael "Beef" Matonak:

Coral Springs Fire Department:

Died on 9/19/2018

In Memory of Lieutenant

Mark "Hebrew Hammer" Weiss:

Bonita Springs Fire Department:

Died on 9/1/2020

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